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Dynamics 365 NAV, targeted at small to mid-sized businesses, offers various business management features, including financial management, supply chain, and sales management. It provides the tools necessary for businesses to manage operations and improve decision-making processes. Through BURQ iPaaS, Dynamics 365 NAV integration becomes super simple, enabling the exchange of data between NAV and any selected digital endpoint. The intuitive interface of BURQ’s low-code/no-code environment makes it accessible for users to manage data flows efficiently, thus enhancing the productivity and operational agility of businesses using Dynamics 365 NAV.

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Embrace automation with effortless integration services

Burq is a simple iPAAS solution that connects Dynamics NAV with your desired platform to help manage every aspect of your business through a user-friendly interface. This means end-to-end syncing to reach your goals faster and scale without worry.

Bridge solutions, teams, and customers seamlessly to share data and meet business-critical needs.

With Burq, connect the APIs of your desired platform and Dynamics NAV to create, manage, and modify your integrations as you like.

Maximize Scalability with The Most Advanced iPaaS

BURQ iPaaS is the most advanced iPaaS solution following automation-first strategies to expedite digital transformation across your entire enterprise while ensuring scalability, reliability, and data security.

Enterprise-Grade Capabilities

Designed to cater to the intricate demands of large-scale operations, BURQ iPaaS offers a robust suite of tools and governance frameworks adept at managing complex integration scenarios.

Preconfigured, Deployable Solution

BURQ iPaaS is a pre-built platform with an extensive library of connectors. Simply connect Dynamics 365 Nav with any application in a low code no code environment.

User-Friendly for All Skill Levels

A solution designed to empower business users with little to no technical knowledge to automate their data movement from Dynamics 365 Nav to any endpoint.

Customize Along the Way

BURQ iPaaS is not only limited to our pre-built connectors. If you have data anywhere, we can connect it. BURQ iPaaS provides comprehensive customization options to meet your needs.

Unmatched Scalability

BURQ iPaaS ensures limitless scalability with encrypted data transformations and offers connectivity across any application landscape without restrictions on volume of data processed.

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What is iPaaS?

BURQ iPaaS is the epitome of a cloud-native, low-code integration platform (iPaaS), meticulously crafted to effortlessly link numerous systems, SaaS applications, cloud apps, and data sources. With BURQ iPaaS, the exchange of real-time data among interconnected apps becomes a breeze, thanks to its intuitive web interface, which allows for the creation, monitoring, and management of integrations sans the necessity for custom code. By equipping developers with adaptable data transformation and mapping features, BURQ iPaaS empowers the development of highly personalized integrations and automated workflows, streamlining business processes across all integrated systems.

What is iPaaS Connector?

BURQ iPaaS connectors streamline the integration process with widely used applications. By leveraging a connector through the BURQ iPaas integration platform (iPaaS), organizations can achieve seamless interoperability between any two or more applications or platforms in just a matter of weeks, significantly accelerating their data integration efforts.

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