Seamless Marketplaces Integration

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Seamless Marketplaces Integration
Marketplaces Integration With Burq iPaaS Solutions

Marketplaces Integration With Burq iPAAS Solutions

Burq is a flexible multichannel integration connector with a customizable framework that allows you to tailor marketplace solutions to meet your business's specific requirements.

With Burq, you can easily and seamlessly integrate major global marketplaces like Amazon, Walmart, and eBay to ERP software like NetSuite and Microsoft Dynamics 365.

This allows you to automate various business processes, manage orders and finances, and give your customers the ultimate shopping experience–for maximum peace of mind, a broad customer base, and indefinite business growth.

Integrate Your Marketplace With The Best ERP Platforms

We are offering seamless integration between any of the global marketplaces (Amazon, eBay, etc) and NetSuite, Microsoft Dynamics 365. This allows you to handle your store and business processes without any errors and delayed responses.

Get your store integrated with the following software through Burq:

Features Of Burq Connector

Integrate the marketplace seamlessly and hassle-free to get maximum benefit for your business.

Most Efficient Dashboard

A centralized dashboard helps get a unified view of business happenings such as orders received, inventory updates, etc. 

Real-time Updates 

Get live updates about new orders, inventory levels, and product details in real-time to manage sales and products easily. 

Automated Crons To Eliminate Errors 

Eliminate manual errors and enhance the speed of data exchange to avoid doing tasks repeatedly and avoid mistakes as well.

Bulk Management With Single Click

Upload hundreds and thousands of your products on the marketplace with one click for fast and easy processing.

Best Customer Care

Eliminate manual errors and enhance the speed of data exchange to avoid doing tasks repeatedly and avoid mistakes as well.

Highly Customizable

Customize data integration flows and expand in your marketplace according to your needs without any technical requirements.

No Coding Required

Set up the integrator of your choice through easy guidelines provided, without the need for APIs and codes.

Low Maintenance

Take control of your store easily and make it seamless for both; technical experts and end-users.

Features Of Burq Connector

Offering iPaaS solutions for businesses to easily integrate your marketplace with the best
ERP software in the market.

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