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Transforming Retail & Distribution Operations 

About Jura

JURA Inc., established in 1996, is a subsidiary of the Swiss company JURA Elektroapparate AG, specializing in high-end automatic coffee machines. Positioned as a leader in innovation within the U.S. market, JURA Inc. focuses on delivering sophisticated, quality, and versatile espresso-based beverage machines for home use. The company is recognized for its excellence in consumer products, particularly in automatic coffee machines. JURA combines retail and online strategies, offering product demonstrations and personalized consultations in branded stores, alongside a comprehensive e-commerce platform. Customers can compare models, customize products, and purchase directly online, supported by robust customer service including live chat. Online registration offers additional benefits like extended warranties and maintenance reminders.


Country of Origin

New Jersey, USA



Company Size

50-200 Employees


Privately Held


Magento to D365 BC Integration

Challenge Faced by Jura

The client has an eCommerce store running on Magento. They faced significant operational challenges due to a lack of integration and a synchronization mechanism between their in-store order placement system and their back-end order management and shipment creation system, which runs on Dynamics 365 Business Central. This disconnect meant that each order had to be manually transferred from Magento to Dynamics 365 Business Central, a process that was not only time-consuming but also prone to human error, leading to potential discrepancies in order tracking and inventory management. The manual process required extensive labor, involving multiple steps which had to be carefully checked to ensure accuracy and consistency across the systems. This method was not only inefficient but also unsustainable as it hindered the client’s ability to scale operations effectively in response to increasing order volumes.

Choosing Folio3 as the Partner

Folio3 provides Burq products for efficient data syncing between Dynamics AX 2012 and Shopify POS, ensuring cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness.

Our Comprehensive Solution

BURQ 3.0 Business Central & Magento Connector

Our product, BURQ iPaaS, provided a sophisticated integration solution that significantly streamlined JURA Inc.'s operations by linking Dynamics 365 Business Central with their Magento eCommerce platform. This advanced integration enabled real-time data synchronization and automation, which greatly enhanced operational efficiencies and minimized the need for manual data entry. By leveraging BURQ iPaaS, JURA Inc. was able to maintain accurate and up-to-date inventory and order information, facilitating smoother transactions and improved customer service.

What We Built for JURA

Here's how BURQ iPaaS transformed their operations.

The services we provided include:

The Resulting Transformation

The implementation of BURQ iPaaS at JURA Inc. revolutionized their operational efficiency, transitioning from a manual, error-prone process to a streamlined, automated system. Previously burdened by the tedious task of syncing their Magento eCommerce platform with Dynamics 365 Business Central, the introduction of BURQ iPaaS allowed for real-time, accurate data synchronization. This transformation significantly reduced manual labor and minimized errors in inventory and order management, enhancing customer satisfaction through timely order processing and accurate inventory updates. The solution enabled JURA Inc. to scale operations effectively, meeting growing demands with enhanced agility.

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"We are very pleased with the level of service & expertise that is provided by the BURQ Team. Nabeel's responsiveness to anything that we asked for is outstanding. We will definitely recommend the BURQ iPasS connector to other businesses.”

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