Mizkan Holdings Success Story

Automating the Retail Operations To Boost Food Sales for Mizkan Holdings


About Mizkan

Mizkan, a global leader in the food industry since 1804, has its roots in Handa, Japan, and is celebrated for its commitment to enhancing culinary experiences with a wide range of products, including vinegars, seasonings, and sauces. With a presence in North America, Europe, and Asia, Mizkan emphasizes sustainable practices and societal contributions, aligning its operations with its vision of unifying taste and healthy choices. They run an online ecommerce store on Shopify & Amazon to maximize their sales through digital platforms.



Country of Origin

Handa City, CA


Retail Art Supplies

Company Size

3700 Employees


Privately Held


Multiple Integrations with D365 F&O


Challenge Faced by Mizkan

The client, operating two e-commerce stores on Shopify and Amazon, faced significant challenges due to a lack of integration between their Shopify platform and their ERP system, Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations. This absence of integration led to a lack of automated data synchronization between Shopify and D365 F&O. Consequently, each order placed on Shopify required manual entry into D365 F&O, a process that was not only labor-intensive but also prone to human error. These manual interventions risked inconsistencies in inventory management and order fulfillment, significantly hindering operational efficiency and scalability. Furthermore, handling various product configurations and multiple payment providers without smooth integration compounded these challenges, affecting the client’s ability to efficiently process payments and manage orders across platforms.

Choosing BURQ as Your Partner

BURQ iPaaS provides an efficient data syncing between your ERP and ecommerce platform as well as payment gateways, ensuring cost effectiveness and user-friendliness.

Our Comprehensive Solution


BURQ provided a tailored solution to address the integration challenges faced by the client. Our team guided the client in clarifying their requirements as well as resolving their challenges. The solution included

What We Built for Mizkan 

Here's how BURQ iPaaS transformed their operations.
The services we provided include:

Integration of Shopify and Amazon Stores:

To facilitate smooth data flow between the client's e-commerce platforms and their ERP system, automating order entry, inventory management, and fulfillment processes.

Integration of Payment Providers:

Integrated multiple payment providers, including Stripe Pay, Amazon Pay, and Shopify Pay, with the ERP system. This ensured that payment processing was synchronized across the client’s e-commerce platforms and D365 F&O, enhancing the efficiency of financial operations.

Payment Settlement from Shopify and Amazon Stores to Dynamics D365 F&O:

Ensured that all financial data from Shopify and Amazon sales were accurately reflected in Dynamics D365 F&O to streamline payment settlement.

The Resulting Transformation

BURQ integration solution for the Mizkan’s Shopify and Amazon stores with Dynamics D365 F&O led to significant operational improvements:

These enhancements and streamlined operations, boosted efficiency, and positioned Mizkan Holdings for future growth in the competitive e-commerce sector.


See How Our Customers Succeed


“Folio3 has been a pleasure to work with during this project. Mizkan was new to the Shopify & Amazon platforms & initially, the project took some time to get off the ground as we understood the environments & became familiar with the processes. The Folio3 team was patient & maintained engagement, supporting us through the process. They captured the scope well. Aftab understood our requirements really well & this was effectively articulated by the developers, resulting in good quality development. The QA team conducted thorough testing, & communication during testing was handled well, with any issues promptly resolved. Mizkan managed all deployments via a D365 partner, requiring Folio3 to engage with Mphasis, create detailed documentation & ensure code was up to Microsoft standards. Folio3 handled this well & additional resources were brought in to deliver what was required to obtain approval to move the code into UAT/LIVE. Project management has been of a good standard, with clear communication throughout. We found Marium to be very easy to work with & very responsive, providing clear meeting minutes & pushing the project forward to go LIVE.”

Reshma Patel
Application Business Partner

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