Maurten Success Story

Helping Maurten Integrate Their ERP with Multiple Amazon Stores Across UK & Germany

About Maurten

Maurten is a sports nutrition company known for its hydrogel technology, which optimizes carbohydrate delivery for endurance athletes. Their products, including drink mixes and gels, allow high carbohydrate intake during exercise—up to 100 grams per hour—without stomach discomfort. Maurten’s offerings are popular among professional athletes in endurance sports such as marathons and cycling. 


Country of Origin

Gothenburg, Sweden


Wellness & Fitness Services

Company Size

11-50 Employees




Amazon to D365 BC Integration

Challenge Faced by Maurten

Maurten faced challenges in managing its operations across diverse Amazon Marketplace regions. The complexity arose from the need to synchronize massive amounts of data, including inventory, pricing, and customer orders, between different regional systems. This fragmentation was leading to inefficiencies, discrepancies in stock levels, pricing errors, and delayed order processing. Maurten’s required a robust integration solution to ensure real-time data flow to  maintain consistent customer experiences across regions, and enhance their overall e-commerce strategy.

Choosing BURQ as Your Partner

BURQ iPaaS for efficient data syncing between Amazon and Dynamics 365 business central, ensuring cost-effectiveness and user-friendliness.

Our Comprehensive Solution

A robust connector designed for seamless data integration across multiple Amazon Marketplace regions.

BURQ iPaaS integration solution helped transform Maurten's multi-regional operations by connecting their Amazon Marketplace with Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central. This connection facilitated real-time, automated data synchronization of critical business elements such as inventory, pricing, customer orders, and logistics across various regions. The automation significantly minimized manual interventions, reducing errors, and improving operational efficiency. 

Our expert team analyzed Maurten's business needs and offered a standard integration solution, enabling a smooth and efficient go-live process with minimal effort. 

What We Built for Maurten 

Here's how BURQ iPaaS transformed their operations.
The services we provided include:

Product Sync

Amazon products updated from Business Central inventory data.

Order Creation

New Amazon orders instantly created in Business Central.

Shipment Updates

Fulfilled orders shipment details updated between BC and Amazon.

Refund Processing

Refunds processed in BC, updated in Amazon.

Credit Memos

Returns in NAV reflect as credit memos in Shopify.

Payment Reconciliation

 Payments in Amazon matched with Business Central invoices.

Inventory Sync

Real-time inventory updates across regions.

Order Sync

Orders synchronized between Amazon and BC.

Shipment Creation

BC processes shipments for Amazon orders.

The Resulting Transformation

The Burq connector has earned Maurten’s trust by demonstrating that it is the most scalable, quickest, and safest software for integrations. This reliability and performance have proven invaluable to Maurten, solidifying the Burq connector as their preferred choice for seamless integration solutions.

See How Our Customers Succeed

“The delivery & service of the dev team has been great in both DE & UK integration. As the project progressed, project management has also gotten more on point & effective. All in all, after the discovery phase & first marketplace implementation I feel all is working well & I am satisfied with the team’s performance.”

Stefan Hillerstig
ERP Process Lead

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