Holzweiler, founded in 2012, is a luxury fashion label, which is known for its minimalistic yet practical jewelry pieces.

Our Client

Susanne and Andreas Holzweiler, two Norwegian siblings, established the luxury fashion label Holzweiler in 2012. The brand is known for its minimalistic yet practical pieces.

The brand’s mission is to produce heirloom-quality items, and it does so by taking inspiration from the worlds of art, architecture, nature, and modern culture for ideas. After establishing a name for itself with its luxurious scarves made of silk, lambswool, and cashmere, the label hired Maria Skappel Holzweiler to serve as creative director for its 2014 ready-to-wear line.


Country of Origin

Oslo, Norway


Retail Luxury Goods and Jewelry

Company Size

Medium, 51-200 employees


Privately Held


Joor E-commerce Integration

The Challenge

In the wake of the COVID-19 incident, our company had fallen behind the competition in terms of its use of digital solutions for B2B sales. For this reason, several experts told us to think about Folio3 as a software partner when we chose Joor as our B2B system. Now that we had that system, we had to figure out how to connect it to our enterprise resource planning software. Since neither our current ERP provider nor Joor had this capability, we had to find another solution: an integration component.

Burq’s Solution

Folio3 integrated Holzweiler’s ERP system with Joor B2B sales. Microsoft Navision 2018, Trimit is Holzweiler’s ERP system. Holzweiler was also able to configure some of its mappings. Besides integration, the solution allows Holzweiler to have a holistic picture of the processes for complete visibility and control.

This solution facilitates the transfer of Joor orders into our ERP system. This helps Holzweiler in the process of making sales. It also synchronizes products, prices, and other information that needs to be updated during this process. The integration not only assists with the transfer of sales orders to our ERP system but also with the synchronization of our products and inventory data to a top-tier B2B sales portal.


Holzweiler opted for Folio3 based on several recommendations. It was a smooth and seamless process, to say the least. Not only did Folio3’s integration experts fully understand what the client wanted, but they assisted Holzweiler at each and every step to improve the client experience overall.

Each problem statement prompted a variety of suggestions, and subsequent brainstorming sessions narrowed those down to a manageable and cost-effective set. Consequently, this increases Burq’s business efficacy and inspires trust among Burq’s clientele. Holzweiler was able to figure out the solution required efficiently with the help of Folio3.

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