HandsFree Health – WooCommerce to BigCommerce Integration

A business that has quickly emerged as the standard for speech technology in healthcare is HandsFree Health.
Real-time data flow for the WooCommerce platform enabled HandsFree HealthTM to enhance connectivity.


Our Client

Beyond simply answering queries about optimal healthcare, HandsFree HealthTM and its virtual assistant WellBe® provide users entirely safe (HIPAA compliant) capabilities like:

  1. Authentic medical data
  2. Personalized services
  3. Special decision-making instruments
Consumers of healthcare today anticipate modern technology, such as voice-driven digital assistants, at their fingertips, and demand increases when it comes to monitoring their health.
Our Client


Country of Origin

Wayne, PA


Wellness and Fitness Services

Company Size

Small, 11-50 Employees


Privately Held


ComAX Connector



The HandsFree HealthTM wanted a smooth real-time data flow for their WooCommerce platform, which serves as their online store so that both platforms would stay in sync with one another.

They stood out from the competition in that all of their goods were activated immediately after payment and were all subscription-based. They offer highly personalized products with a variety of subscription and payment options.

Burq’s Solution

Through our comAX connector, BURQ connected their WooCommerce store to business central. The integration brought our experts to the following solutions;

  1. Gave them a fully tailored solution to suit their company requirements.
  2. Instantaneous activation of product licenses.
  3. Customized product subscription management system.
HandsFree Health


In addition to fully comprehending the client’s needs, BURQ gave them insightful comments at each level to boost the solution’s throughput. We gave HandsFree HealthTM limitless scalability, flexibility, and control using the WooCommerce Connectors. When enabled, Subscription and Coupon resources as well as WooCommerce’s built-in resources can be accessed through this connector.

Additionally, for each problem statement, a number of solutions were offered, and brainstorming was conducted to narrow the list of viable and affordable options each time. This not only improved business efficiency but also helped customers come to trust BURQ more.

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