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Escape Fitness:

Escape Fitness is a prominent player in the fitness industry, known for its dedication to designing and providing innovative fitness equipment and solutions. With a strong commitment to improving fitness experiences for individuals, gym facilities, and fitness professionals, Escape Fitness has gained a reputation for quality and excellence. Their mission centers on creating fitness products and solutions that inspire and enhance performance while promoting a healthy and active lifestyle. In this introduction, we will provide an overview of Escape Fitness, their commitment to fitness innovation, and their dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions for the fitness industry.

Problem Statement & Challenge

Escape Fitness, a company specializing in fitness equipment and solutions, faced operational challenges within their backend processes. Their existing system, D365 F&O, was responsible for managing crucial tasks, including catalog management, manual order entry, shipment processing, and report creation. However, the absence of a reliable data synchronization mechanism presented a substantial challenge, affecting the efficiency and overall performance of their operations.

Challenges Faced:

Choosing Burq by Folio3 as the Partner:

In their quest for a solution, Escape Fitness explored various options and found Burq by Folio3, a leading technology solutions provider, along with their flagship product, Burq. The decision to partner with Burq by Folio3 was rooted in the promise of efficiency and cost-effectiveness that Burq offered. Escape Fitness envisioned this collaboration as the key to simplifying their operations and enhancing user-friendliness.

Solutions or Recommendations

Burq by Folio3 embarked on a transformative journey to automate and optimize Escape Fitness's backend operations. Their solution covered a wide range of tasks, including

Extensive Technical Support

Burq by Folio3 didn't stop at just providing software; they offered comprehensive technical support and expertise throughout the implementation process. The focus was primarily on tasks involving integration and automation, ensuring that Escape Fitness could make the most out of the new system.

Ongoing Support

The partnership between Escape Fitness and Burq didn't end with the implementation of the solution. Folio3 continues to provide ongoing support, ensuring that the system remains robust and effective.


In conclusion, Escape Fitness successfully addressed their operational challenges by partnering with Folio3, and the implementation of Burq and the associated technical support have resulted in a streamlined, efficient, and cost-effective backend operation. The case study demonstrates the power of technology solutions in transforming business processes and enhancing overall performance.

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