Bioworld Merchandising – Integration With Channeladvisor

Bioworld Merchandising is a licensed apparel manufacturer bringing pop culture to life via collaboration with the most recognizable creators in the world. BURQ’s connector helped integrate channel advisor with the business central, allowing seamless data flow to help boost Bioworld’s business.


Our Client

Bioworld merchandising creates, promotes, and sells branded and licensed apparel, footwear and accessories. To forge closer ties between fans and the products they like, Bioworld collaborates with some of the most recognizable creators in the world to bring pop culture to life. Channel Advisor has been integrated with Amazon, Walmart, Shopify, and several DSV stores. Bioworld, a headwear company founded in 1999, now designs products in 20 different categories and collaborates with retail outlets at all stages of dissemination.
Our Client


Country of Origin

Texas, USA.


Retail Apparel and Fashion

Company Size

201-500 Employees


Discretionary Products


ComAX Connector



Bioworld was in search of a solution that could help them in all the target areas to combine their business center and channel advisor so that data could flow seamlessly back and forth between the two platforms and be dependable, scalable, and resilient to handle their high order volume.

Burq’s Solution

Through our comAX connector, the experts at BURQ integrated Channel Advisor with their business central. The integration helped in catering;

  1. One option is to combine Business Central with Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Shopify, and DSV stores.
  2. Adapted the solution to the needs of the business to support cancellations, returns, and automatic payment settlements, among other things.
  3. One comAX dashboard window with an easy-to-use, intuitive user interface for managing all of their integrations.


The Experts not only fully comprehend the client’s needs, but BURQ also gave them insightful comments at each level to boost the solution’s throughput. We assisted Bioworld in managing its product data, channels, sales, inventory, and orders using our specialized Channel Advisor eCommerce system while monitoring the effectiveness and growth of the online reach and strategy on cross channels.

For each problem statement, a number of solutions were offered, and brainstorming was conducted to narrow the list of viable and affordable options each time. This not only improves business efficiency but also builds client confidence in BURQ as a result.

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