Amazon Integration Solutions To Simplify Your Business

Burq Amazon Integration lets you sync Amazon storefronts with the best 3 ERP systems, so you can automate your work and do what matters most– no coding required.

Amazon Integration Solutions To Simplify Your Business

Seamlessly Sell On Amazon With Burq Amazon Integration Platform

Over 2 million sellers are using Amazon to sell their products. They are all in need of software to streamline their business operations, and have a scalable way to reach their goals–and grow.

With Burq connector, you can integrate your Amazon stores with 3 of the best ERP software without the need for coding. You'll get technical assistance and guidelines to fully sync your Amazon stores with NetSuite, Dynamics 365 F&O, or Dynamics 365 BC.

Benefits Of Amazon Integration

You can enjoy several benefits by integrating Amazon stores with ERP software that will allow you to have your business at your fingertips and make informed decisions and expand your store as you like.

Easily Retrieve Data

You can easily retrieve all your data related to products, categories, customers, orders, and baskets to approach your store from any system, anywhere.

Improve Speed of Data Exchange

Now eliminate the manual data entry process and increase the speed of information exchange. This results in greater customer satisfaction.

Streamline Business Processes

Integrate your Amazon store with ERP to create an efficient workflow and get insight to make strong and informed decisions that align with your business goals.

Work Efficiently With Amazon Sellers

You can retrieve all the vital data that other sellers need including orders, products, baskets, shipments, taxes, and categories to work effectively and efficiently.

Enhance Your Functionality

Do more in less time, accurately. Use any system and approach your business to speed up business processes and grow your Amazon store.

Win More Customers

Offer customers exceptional services and stay ahead of the market using the most innovative and cutting-edge software that will result in more sales and more customers.

Integrate Amazon With The Best ERP Platforms

With Burq connector, you can integrate your Amazon store to the ERP platform that suits your needs…

Amazon Integration With

Seamlessly integrate Amazon with NetSuite to sync orders, fulfillment, inventory, pricing, customers, and more.

Amazon Integration With Dynamics 365 F&O

Amazon Integration With Dynamics 365 F&O

Scale your business and automate your processes by integrating Amazon with Dynamics 365 F&O.

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central

Amazon Integration With Dynamics 365 BC

Manage all orders and keep your store status updated on all systems by integrating Amazon with Dynamics 365 BC.

Which Amazon Integration Platform Is Suitable For Your Business?

Which Amazon Integration Platform Is Suitable For Your Business?

Wondering which ERP software you need for your Amazon store? You can get our assistance and our experts will guide you through.

Choosing the right ERP system enables your business to carry out the right processes well on time. If you have Amazon integrated with NetSuite but now your business is ever-growing and you're a mid-level company now, then you might have to upgrade to Dynamics BC.

In a nutshell, it depends on your business needs, the problems you might be facing, and your business goals.

Connect with us to integrate Amazon with the best
ERP system for your business.

Burq Amazon Integration For
Seamless Business Operations

Let's solve all your business problems by integrating Amazon with the most suitable ERP platform for you. Hassle-free integration. Maximum technical support. Free Demo to choose the best.

Comprehensive Synchronization

Synchronize your store across systems to enhance operational efficiency in a highly systematic way.

Highly Customizable

Customize data integration flows and expand according to your needs without any technical requirements.

Low Cost And Maintenance

Dramatically reduce time and cut integration costs with the Burq connector that offers the least maintenance.